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Law Lok Lam famous overnight: Euthanasia

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1Law Lok Lam famous overnight: Euthanasia  Empty Law Lok Lam famous overnight: Euthanasia on Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:20 pm


Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Law Lok Lam famous overnight: Euthanasia  084842q4j

Law Lok Lam famous overnight: Euthanasia  085104sow

Law Lok Lam famous overnight: Euthanasia  085054kww
(Law Lok Lam's family with Connie Chan)

Law Lok Lam famous overnight: Euthanasia  084845uow Law Lok Lam famous overnight: Euthanasia  084848ozw Law Lok Lam famous overnight: Euthanasia  084853lfj

(Face to Fate | Grace Under Fire | Relic of an Emissary)

Law Lok Lam famous overnight: Euthanasia

could have thought that Law Lok Lam, who entered the industry 40 years
ago and is practically accompanying everyone at dinner every night on
TV, could have become famous overnight? Well thanks to his good acting
and many productions that he gets to be broadcast all day long.
Coincidentally in all of his series airing, he 'died' in all of them. He
also has to thank the Netizens with a good eye to have caught him
'dying' in 5 series within 24 hours.

As of April 13th, there has
already been 15 places overseas and other countries that are fighting
to report about Law's 'death'. "I feel this is a special coincidence,
and I can't imagine it. However, in the last few days many people have
contacted me and has already caused a confusion in my life. I don't have
much hopes now, I just want to eat and live peacefully..."

I'm just a regular homemaker

is not easy to meet up with Law Lok Lam, but it was even harder in the
last few days. Not many people in the industry had his phone number, if
you wanted to find him, then you'll just have to leave a message at the
station. "Sorry! Getting back to you this late. many
reporters have tried to contact me in the last few days. Even the media
outside of the country wants to interview me. I could only reply and say
that my phone died. I just went to Kowloon City to buy groceries and
was followed, I couldn't leave. I was only able to get back home not
long ago to cook and make soup...."

Currently 63, Law had
already gone though his smooth years and is adapted to wind and waves.
"After being in this industry for so long, to me, there is nothing
really that I have to be so intense about. When I encounter the media,
there's not too much of a strong feeling, I still continue to drink my
tea, buy my groceries, cook my meals. It's just too many people are
asking me for interviews, losing a lot of my personal time. There's too
many things I wasn't able to do."

"In fact, I'm no different
from your average homemaker. During the holidays, I would spend time
with my family, definitely will go to the market to buy chicken for the
holidays. Usually I just do some cooking, my daughter loves my squid
patties and steamed pork chops. In the last decade, I am responsible for
cooking the meals, if I have to work, then my wife and daughter will
just go out and buy their dinner."

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