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Vic Chou denies drastic weight loss was due to depression

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Vic Chou denies drastic weight loss was due to depression Pbucket

Vic Chou denies drastic weight loss was due to depression
Source: Channel News Asia

singer-actor Vic Chou denied rumours that he was suffering from
depression, during a press event in Beijing on Tuesday, reported Chinese

The 29-year-old actor looked thin and emaciated recently,
sparking rumours that his drastic weight loss was a result of prolonged
bouts of depression.

However, the star expressed that it was his work on the Taiwan television drama "Returning Home" that caused him to lose weight.

"I was working on a war drama recently; the character was particularly repressed, so I lost weight.

"I have been taking traditional Chinese remedies to recover," said Chou, at the press event to mark the start of production for his new movie "Living with Fashion".

former F4 member expressed that he had since gained a healthy amount of
weight and pointed out that a lot of things people say about him these
days are untrue.

"I feel a lot better now ... There is even a rumour going around online that says I am a homosexual; do you believe that as well?" said the "Black and White" star.

Chou said his new film "Living with Fashion"; a romantic comedy set against the backdrop of the fashion magazine industry, "is a welcome change" after being cast in a gritty war drama, and loved the chance to play the villain.

"I have always wanted to try playing male characters who are a little nasty and radical.

"This film gives me a chance to fulfill my dream as it casts me as a big corporate baddie," said Chou.

"Living with Fashion" also stars Taiwan actress Vivian Hsu and Cantopop legend Alan Tam.

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